LOUDEST Species On The Planet!

The pistol shrimp (also known as the snapping shrimp) is a small, colorful species of shrimp that is known for its ability to produce a loud snapping sound. This sound is produced when the shrimp rapidly closes its enlarged claw, which creates a bubble of air that collapses with such force that it produces a shock wave. The shock wave is so powerful that it can stun or kill small fish and invertebrates, and it can even be heard by divers at a distance of several feet. The pistol shrimp is also known for its unusual mating behavior, in which the male carries the fertilized eggs on his abdomen until they hatch.

The goby fish and the pistol shrimp often form a symbiotic relationship, in which both species benefit from the association. In this relationship, the goby fish provides protection for the pistol shrimp, while the shrimp provides food for the goby.

The goby fish serves as a lookout for the pistol shrimp, alerting the shrimp of any potential dangers and allowing the shrimp to retreat to safety. In return, the pistol shrimp uses its snapping claw to catch small bits of food, which it then shares with the goby fish. This mutualistic relationship allows both species to thrive in environments that may otherwise be inhospitable.


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