Mastering the Art of Evasive Driving: Techniques Employed by Military and Police

Evasive driving is a critical skillset that can mean the difference between life and death in high-risk situations. Whether it's military operations or law enforcement pursuits, the ability to navigate through dangerous environments while maintaining control and evading potential threats is of utmost importance. In this article, we delve into the world of evasive driving training, exploring the techniques employed by the military and police to ensure their personnel can handle these high-stress scenarios with skill and precision.


This Man Wants To DESTROY YouTube...


Alex Edson the owner of the YouTube channel Business Casual is on a crusade to get another channel MagnatesMedia removed from YouTube. If he is successful this will change how all YouTube creators upload content to the platform forever.

Business Casual (Alex Edson) has filed in my opinion false copyright strikes against the YouTube channel MagnatesMedia and Magnates is scheduled to be deleted from the platform in just a few days unless Business Casual is stopped. Almost a year ago Business Casual released a video titled Why I'm Suing YouTube and goes over how he feels YouTube unfairly treated him in his attempt to get another channel removed from YouTube. Nearly a year later Business Casual is again trying to remove a channel MagnatesMedia from YouTube forever.

Upper Echelon did a video covering Alex Edson (Business Casual) early business history including running a Multi Channel Network that many creators have terrible experiences with. You can find that video here: "Don't Be Evil..."

@MagnatesMedia << Channel being affected!