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The reality of living in Hong Kong's densest apartments | Instagram Famous "Monster Building"

Hong Kong is famous for its density of population. The famous concrete jungle Monster Building is a perfect reflection of dense housing in a megapolis. As probably the most Instagrammed site, it meets tourists all around the world every day. But have you wondered what it's like to live in it as a real resident?

Well, luckily I have a chance to present to you what I see from living in one of the small apartments out of the concrete giant.


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10 Important Lessons

💯 10 Important Lessons:

◾ 1) Stop Living for Other People.
◾ 2) Stop skipping the gym.
◾ 3) Stop trying to be cool -> be yourself.
◾ 4) Stop chasing relationships -> find yourself.
◾ 5) Focus on your personal growth.
◾ 6) Stop keeping yourself in your comfort zone.
◾ 7) Don't waste your precious time.
◾ 8) Have a spiritual practice.
◾ 9) Make mistakes and learn from them.
◾ 10) Start investing in yourself.