You Should Daily Drive Haiku OS

Today we're messing around with Haiku, which just received a port of the incredible KDE web browser Falkon. The real last barrier to daily driving Haiku is no more... plus Minecraft!

00:27 Haiku, the open-source successor to the 90s operating system BOS, has evolved into a full-fledged operating system with BOS binary compatibility over the past 20 years.

01:25 The recent development of the Falcon web browser has removed a significant roadblock, making Haiku more suitable for everyday use.

02:45 The machine built for running Haiku features an 8-core AMD FX Vishera processor, 32GB of RAM, a Radeon RX 580 video card, and a Samsung SSD.

04:51 Haiku's native web browser, WebPositive, has limitations with modern web apps like YouTube, but the Gnome web browser and Falcon perform better.

07:45 The Falcon web browser performs exceptionally well, allowing smooth playback of YouTube videos and even emulating vintage Macintosh systems in JavaScript.

10:55 Haiku offers convenient one-click installations for applications like Boxed Wine (a boxed version of Linux running Wine), demos, and even Minecraft.

12:33 The speaker expresses enthusiasm for Haiku's potential as a daily driver OS due to its passionate community, unlimited possibilities, and plans to explore running BOS software on it.

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