I Solved the Phone Number Privacy Problem!

The biggest threat that remains hard to resolve is the phone number threat. Each day it becomes even more important to protect because every platform now uses this as an identity card. Let me remind you in this video of all the threats and problems with loose control of this phone number.

In this video I finally arrive at a solution that has eluded me for many years!


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Youtube Has Gone Too Far This Time


In this vidoe MentalOutlaw discusses how YouTube has been testing a new feature that causes a 5-second delay for videos to start playing on the Firefox browser. This delay is attributed to a piece of JavaScript code hidden in YouTube's polymer script, which seems to specifically target non-Google Chrome browsers. The suspicion here is that this is an attempt by Google to discourage users from using non-Chromium browsers like Firefox, potentially due to Google's efforts to block ad blockers on YouTube.

Furthermore, MentalOutlaw highlights the potential legal implications of Google's actions, suggesting that it may violate regulations such as the EU's Digital Markets Act. He also provide practical advice for users facing this issue, such as using a user agent spoofer or creating custom filters for ad blockers to bypass the delay. Pleas make sure to share this information.

00:23 YouTube has been testing a new feature that causes a 5-second delay for videos to start playing on the Firefox browser.  
02:10 The delay is not due to network issues, but rather a deliberate JavaScript code implementation by YouTube.  
03:32 Spoofing the user agent to Chrome allows the video to load without any delay, indicating that the issue is specific to Firefox.  
05:20 Google's potential motive for this delay could be related to their control over the Chromium web engine and their efforts to combat ad blockers.  
07:39 The speaker suggests that Google's actions may violate EU regulations and compares it to how Apple and Microsoft complied with EU laws.  

Can a Mini PC Game At 1440P? | Minisforum UM780 XTX 1440P Gaming Test


Key Takeaways

00:24 1440p resolution offers more screen real estate, great for multitasking and browsing.
01:11 FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) can upscale 720p to 1440p effectively, providing a clear image.
02:56 Monster Hunter Rise runs well at 1440p on the system, showcasing the power of APUs.
04:57 FSR significantly boosts performance in Doom 2016, making gameplay smoother at 1440p.
07:31 FSR improves playability in Ghost Recon Wildlands at 1440p, making the experience more consistent.
09:01 Fallout 4 runs smoothly at 1440p with FSR, demonstrating impressive performance without a dedicated GPU.
10:33 FSR makes previously unplayable games at 1440p playable and significantly boosts FPS in various titles.
11:49 Upscaling from 720p to 1440p using FSR provides a visually acceptable image, enhancing the gaming experience.
These key takeaways highlight the effectiveness of FSR in boosting performance and playability at 1440p resolution on a Mini PC with an APU.

VFX Artists DEBUNK Ghost Footage


00:00 The hosts aim to debunk ghost videos using their VFX expertise.
01:33 They analyze a video of a spoon being moved by a ghost and conclude it's likely manipulated with strings.
02:32 They suspect another video is faked using fishing lines and emphasize the simplicity of creating such effects.
04:39 A video showing smoke-like effects is attributed to low shutter speed and infrared sensor artifacts.
07:06 They expose a ghostly assault video as a simple VFX overlay, criticizing its poor quality.
08:39 The hosts dissect a video of a shaking table, pointing out composited elements and suspicious shadows.
10:08 Despite being fake, they praise the cat's acting in one of the videos.
11:52 They dismiss another video due to the camera's height and the potential for manipulation through windows and strings.
12:30 The hosts humorously ponder the behavior of ghosts in videos, highlighting the absurdity of some ghostly actions.
14:50 They express a desire for more convincing ghost footage and invite viewers to share their thoughts on genuine ghost videos.

Installing Chrome Web Store Extensions on UnGoogled Chrome

In this video, I will be showing you how to automatically sideload Google Chrome extensions like Ublock Orgin as an example on UnGoogled Chromium with NeverDecaf's Chromium-web-store project.

Ungoogled Chromium is a version of Chromium that removes all Google-related components. This means that it does not support the installation of Chrome web extensions by default. However, the community has developed a method to enable the installation of these extensions, which involves accessing the Chromium flags section and making specific adjustments. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this, allowing users to sideload Chrome extensions onto ungoogled Chromium.

You are Quantum Fields


Here is a summary of the key points from the transcript:

00:00 - Physicists have been trying to develop a comprehensive set of rules or theory of everything to describe all phenomena in the universe, from the smallest subatomic particles to galaxies. This has involved unifying theories that previously described different forces as vibrations in quantum fields.